Welcome to Bisporet

for young and old who are curious about the city's green oasis

BaneGaarden is a magical place. The old buildings, which once housed DSB materials, are surrounded by 1.6 hectares of wild nature.
The area was forgotten and abandoned for so long that nature was fortunately given free rein. We respect nature's will on the site.
And we've built what we call "The Green Beehive" to inspire you to see the magic of the wild and the green.
The trail winds through the wilderness in both the north and south of BaneGaarden.

Take a trip on the Bisporet

Start your walk on the BaneGaarden from Vildhave Syd
at the tunnel from Enghavevej and follow the bee track
with these short guided stories
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It's all about ecology

Nature return, magic & food joy

At BaneGaarden, we connect learning, nourishment and storytelling with concrete activities, while involving the students and bringing the learning process to eye level.

What students experience, learn and learn is a way to understand the contexts that also apply on a large scale.
We throw words such as biodiversity, ecology and sustainability into the air and seize them again as concrete examples of processes and conditions in nature, people and on a lunch plate.

We must learn and relearn that nature and the earth are wondrous, surprising and useful. And that it is a space we can dwell in, learn from and find peace by.

We also know today that proximity to nature is essential for human health. Staying in nature, keeping your hands on the mole and, for example, growing plants is of great importance for our mental, physical and social well-being.

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Contact and booking

Sandra-Jo Spanget


When's this going to happen?

Courses offered: Monday to Friday from week 19 through week 22, 2021.


4 hours of classes from 9:00-13:00 including lunch

Number of teams at a time?

One class per team.


Inschooling, Intermediate and outschooling. Dissemination is adapted to the respective grade levels.

Which subjects are covered?

Biology, natural engineering, food science, social studies.

What topics?

Sustainability, biodiversity, ecology, balance, circuits, civic minds, food and responsibility.


Free for primary schools in the City of Copenhagen.
Find the course on the Open School portal here.