Highly effective concept development

A workshop from the BaneGaarden Growth Academy

Concept development for small and large companies

Would your company like to develop a new concept with a finished prototype in just 3 days? Then we have the right workshop for you.

What you take home
- A complete concept that has been thought through across functional areas
- A finished prototype ready for execution
- Documentation of the entire process
- Purchase as needed: 3D drawing of the prototype if it is a visual concept and/or testing of the prototype on customers

What you need to contribute
- Idea for a new concept you want to develop and background documentation
- Relevant inspiration from the industry or other industries
- Participants from relevant functional areas
- Min. 1 decision-maker attending 15.45-16.30 each day

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Framework for the workshop

The workshop takes place over three highly effective, energetic days from 8.30-16.30, where all participants are put into play.

On Day 1, we set goals, identify challenges, map the customer journey, share insights, and narrow the problem space on that basis. On day 2, we share relevant inspiration and use the inspiration to design and prioritise solution proposals.

Day 2 is also the day where we draw a storyboard for the customer journey.

On day 3 we develop the prototype - and then we're done!

The programme is well tested and run by experienced facilitators. It all takes place in BaneGaarden's green oasis with organic catering from the top casual shelves.

Price on request - see contact info below

Are you thinking about a special course, a strategy day tailored to your company or a course focusing on your sector?

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Facilitators for the workshop

Søren Ejlersen
Co-founder of Aarstiderne, BaneGaarden, Planetary Impact Ventures etc. Green enthusiast with decades of experience, author and experienced lecturer Fields of work: innovation, entrepreneurship, concept development, green transition (also in kitchens), co-creation, multidisciplinary focus with specialization in circular systems, change management across organizations. An experienced eye for "what's next" as well as turning everything upside down and getting everyone to find the courage to move forward.

Ann Catherine B. Talbro
Director of Undfang, helping companies achieve their sustainable ideas. Over 20 years Ann Catherine has become skilled in developing and implementing complex strategic projects across silos in major companies such as Coop, Danske Bank and Novozymes. Always with a simple and engaging formula and a focus on execution. She holds a project management degree from the Copenhagen Business Academy (KEA), is certified in Prince2® and holds a Master's degree in Business Administration. in Danish.

Søren Ejlersen Ann Catherine Talbro

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Ann Catherine Talbro