A green oasis with a focus on sustainable development

Nine old wooden barns and more than 1.5 hectares of wild nature make up what we call BaneGaarden. A green oasis, ecological village, peaceful retreat and gastronomic hub. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still in the middle of it, ideas grow wild and projects sprout.

Welcome to the

The green oasis on the racetrack

In the middle of Copenhagen on DSB's railway terrain lies a piece of 'undiscovered' land with wild nature, blackberry bushes, chicken coops and old trees. Between Vesterbro and Sydhavnen, in the middle of all that green, lies BaneGaarden.

The nine old wooden barns were built in 1909 by DSB to store wood and materials needed for the rails. Since 1950, the barns have been abandoned and nature has been allowed to grow wild and lush.

Fortunately, DSB chose to preserve the wooden barns, and four partners joined forces to restore the buildings with support from Realdania and DSB to establish a new food and culture destination as a green lighthouse in Copenhagen.

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Restoration of BaneGaarden

Respectful restoration

The nine preservation-worthy barns are undergoing extensive restoration with respect for sustainable materials and methods.

The restoration of the wooden barns is based on the principles: reuse rather than consumption, craftsmanship rather than haste, natural building materials rather than synthetic, wood rather than concrete and steel, and wood chips rather than tiles.

Each barn was in a different condition and we have preserved as much as possible in the reconstruction. With a team of experts, the restoration of the barns continues in line
with the development of BaneGaarden, which never stops.

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Event at BaneGaarden

BaneGaarden's vision

BaneGaarden was created to help define the next chapter in sustainability.

We want to inspire our guests to leave the world better than we received it - through excitement, experiences and innovative communities. At BaneGaarden we run restaurants, cultural programs, food stalls, learning programs, farm shop, workshops and much more to come.

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