4 stars from Politiken for our new brunch concept Late Mornings 🥐🥐🥐🥐

"A new type of brunch has taken over Copenhagen's own western town" writes Politiken in their food review of Late Mornings. On Sunday, February 11, the food critic enjoyed our alternative to the classic brunch in Lade 609.

Since the beginning of the year, we've been creating green breakfast dishes, serving buttery Wieber bread and giving our guests the opportunity to squeeze their own signature juice from organic vegetables 💚

Thank you to Politiken and thank you to all you guests for the overwhelmingly positive response to Late Mornings. It means a lot to us to see how much you appreciate our efforts to create a great brunch experience.

Spring update: After taking your feedback on board, we have decided to make some adjustments. In March, April and May, the price will be DKK 200 per person instead of DKK 250.

Our fresh kimchi pancakes, breakfast buffet, freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas are still included in the price. In the future, it will be possible to purchase different types of coffee.

What are Late Mornings?

In 2024, our green oasis will become even greener with the launch of the concept 'Late Mornings at BaneGaarden,' where green breakfast dishes are in focus.
The menu has been developed in collaboration with Aarstiderne's co-founder, Søren Ejlersen, who has set out to create a brand new, interactive brunch experience that will grace the brunch buffet in Barn 609 every weekend.

Late Mornings is a cozy, fun and creative experience where a long table with juice machines, waffle irons and large platters of vegetables create a somewhat different look than the classic brunch experience. You are encouraged to join in the fun as the unique flavors are created. Squeeze your own juice or shot and get a taste of what it's like to have your own waffle bakery. It's meant to be a bit chaotic - in a fun way!  

After squeezing a good vitamin booster, you'll start your journey in front of the chef of the day who will serve you a fluffy kimchi pancake with crispy greens and char-siu marinated bacon - which will also be the only dish on the menu that contains meat.  

Once you've started with the Asian-inspired pancake, you can move on to a crispy selection of sourdough bread and pastries from our own bakery, Perron. You'll also find chia porridge with granola and yuzu dulce, blood grapefruit roasted with muscovado sugar and smiling eggs marinated in soy sauce.  

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Opening hours
Saturday & Sunday: 10.00-13.45

Otto Busses Vej 45, 2450 Kbh SV

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