Imagine you could travel the world - just for one night - but without jetlag, suitcases, climate impact and empty wallets. Departure from BaneGaarden's new restaurant in Jernbanebyen between Sydhavnen and Vesterbro. Hop on board as they set off for the best cuisines in the world on a gastronomic interrail, where the destination and menu change every month.The trip includes Lima in Peru, Mumbai in India and Singapore - and the destinations are revealed regularly along with the menus, which have the same format every month: nine courses for 350,- per person. Former noma chef Karlos Ponte is behind the restaurant: "TICKET is a tribute to world cuisine; a journey of discovery where the goal is to make authentic food experiences accessible to all - without burdening the climate or the economy.Top chefs from around the world pop up on TICKET's menus with signature dishes from their homelands,andin the first month the contribution comes from Peruvian top chef Diego Muños, who has been chef at one of the world's best restaurants, Astrid y Gastón in Lima. In the kitchen, Henrik Dall is at the helm along with a team of talented chefs.
Ticket opens on 12 January 2023.

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