Workshop for students - and anyone who needs a shot of green inspiration

Do you want inspiration to live more sustainably in your everyday life? Or do you need ideas for sustainability projects that you can work on at home? Then this workshop is for you.

You'll take it home with you:

Inspiration and guided tour by Søren Ejlersen:
  • Tips for living more sustainably in everyday life
  • How to create a sustainable business
  • Around BaneGaarden - our little green planet
Energizing exercises with tangible benefits by Ann Catherine Talbro:
  • Commit to new sustainable habits and inspire each other
  • Get clear on your next sustainable project

Framework for the workshop
  • The workshop takes place at BaneGaarden with green inspiration everywhere and good parking conditions
  • It lasts three hours with two hours of presentation, tour and exercises and one hour for lunch. E.g. 10-13 or 12-15 with lunch at 12-13.
  • The price is DKK 23,000 excl. VAT per team of max. 30 participants + DKK 175 excl. VAT per participant for catering (organic lunch, lemonade and cookie).
  • If you are looking for a very special course, we can of course also develop it for you. Contact Ann Catherine at for more information.

Who you need to meet
Søren Ejlersen

Co-founder of Aarstiderne, BaneGaarden, Planetary Impact Ventures and others. Green enthusiast with decades of experience, author and experienced speaker Fields of work: Innovation, entrepreneurship, concept development, green transition (also in kitchens), co-creation, multi-disciplinary focused specializing in circular systems, change management across organizations. An experienced eye for "What's next" as well as turning things upside down and getting everyone to find the courage to move forward.  

Ann Catherine B. Talbro

Director at Undfang, helping companies achieve their sustainable ideas. Ann Catherine has for 20 years developed and implemented complex strategic projects across silos in major companies such as Coop, Danske Bank and Novozymes. Always with a simple and engaging formula and a focus on execution. Holds a cand.mag. in Danish and further educated in project management, strategy development, leadership, journalism, etc.

Are you interested in participating in the workshop at BaneGaarden? Contact Ann Catherine Talbro at

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