Our friends from Amass Fried Chicken are staying another month - and to celebrate, you can now pick it up for takeaway! 🚀

Normally Banegaarden's food stalls are a stay-in experience, but this month we're making an exception! You'll be able to enjoy AFC wherever you like before we say goodbye to our beloved fried chicken at the end of August 🍗

Pre-order your fried chicken here: https://perron.superbathome.com/menu/pick_up/afc

How to?

1. You've ordered a chicken-licious menu in advance so it's ready for pick-up

2. You visit Banegaarden at Otto Busses Vej 45, Kbh SV

3. You'll find AFC in our food stalls

4. You take it under your arm and enjoy the food in the city, nature or on your sofa

Opening hours of the food stalls:

Sun-Thurs: 12-20

Fri-Sat: 12-21

See you at Banegaarden! 😎

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