It's sprouting and growing everywhere at BaneGaarden, and now our Growth Academy is ready to see the light of day. Here we will help companies achieve sustainable transformation, and we are proud to have Søren Ejlersen and Ann Catherine Talbro leading the academy.

"The whole idea of BaneGaarden is to create a platform for sustainable development. Here we want to inspire, enthuse and share our knowledge in the field. We have a huge network of experienced experts in all fields of green transition, and it is with them in mind that we are now launching the Growth Academy. The idea is that we will take companies by the hand right where they are," says Søren Ejlersen.  

At VækstAkademiet, we offer help with a ready-to-run sustainability plan in one day, high-impact concept development, project management courses and also unique, tailor-made courses for individual companies.  

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