Banegaarden takes part in a Scandinavian battle

It is said that Swedes eat around 4.5 million kilos of crayfish every summer during krebsekalas, kräftskiva and whatever else you want to call seafood feasts. At the festive crayfish feasts at BaneGaarden in Jernbanebyen, it turns out that our Scandinavian neighbors are not alone in preserving Nordic summer traditions.  

Every Thursday in July, the long tables in the courtyard have been filled with crayfish, grilled potato salad and festive crayfish hats - and now we're repeating the success in August, with even more dates available!  

At the dinners, over 100 guests sit shoulder to shoulder in the courtyard between Sydhavnen and Vesterbro and take part in the Scandinavian battle that is the summer crayfish feast - a tradition as the popularity and sold-out feasts create new demand.

Seafood platter in the Greenhouse

To complement the festive crayfish feasts, BaneGaarden is hosting a seafood feast out of the ordinary. On Friday, August 11, you are invited to an evening of seafood platters with all the best from the sea, enjoyed under the glass roof of BaneGaarden's new Greenhouse. The evening will offer a mishmash of food, people, wine and late summer sensations in scenic surroundings.

About BaneGaarden

BaneGaarden is a gastronomic hub between Sydhavnen and Vesterbro, offering organic food stalls, gourmet sourdough bakery, restaurant TICKET and not least cultural events with the community and gastronomy in focus.

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