At BaneGaarden, which has just been voted The City's Best Urban Space 2021, the smell of sourdough, butter and fire-hot stone stoves has long spread every morning. The city's new bakery has been in sharp training all summer, for now, 3 November at 8:00 am, to be able to open its doors. Please welcome to PLATFORM.

Ecology, patience and Italian ancestry

Behind the large bags of organic flour from Krogerup in Humlebæk and other farms in North Zealand, with your hands in the dough or bread on the way in and out of the stone ovens, you will be able to find chief baker Kevin Sciascia. Kevin's Italian temperament and deep passion for good produce fill the bakery, where bread and pastry are battling for attention. At the beginning of the year, Kevin and Jesper Gøtz (ex- Small Bakery) the development of the range for PLATFORM up. Since then, Kevin has baked his life on the loose at BaneGaarden to present a focused assortment of bread and pastry from the very top shelf, whose genesis has got all the love Kevin can perform – and he is Italian.

Design, sustainability and baked goods hand in hand

The hard-baked, dark sourdough bread, croissant crumbs and freshly brewed espresso are both produced and served in the almost 200 sqm and over 100-year-old wooden barn, which has been restored by BaneGaarden's craftsmen with sustainable materials and methods. PERRON is furnished with hand-built solutions, a 10 meter long terrazzo bar and Danish design – all in bright colors with cobalt blue details and butter-yellow tiles.

100 free croissants

PERRON opens on Wednesday 3 November 2021 at 8am, and to celebrate the opening, 100 freshly baked croissants will be handed out at the bakery from 8am.


PERRON is based in one of the nine wooden barns at BaneGaarden, Otto Busses Vej 45, 2450 Copenhagen SV

PERRON is founded by the companies TABLE and KROGERUP AVLSGAARD. Table is owned by Carl Johan Paulsen, Karlos Ponte and Ida Marie Banke, who are also responsible for the operation of BaneGaarden's other activities and the catering company noon. Krogerup Avlsgaard A/S is owned by Thomas Harttung, who is one of the partners in BaneGaarden.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 8.30am-4pm, Sunday 8am-5pm

PERRON opens with an assortment of bread and pastry, which is continuously expanded, and later there will also be a pasta and wine bar in PERRON

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Anne Mette Boysen, Head of Communications and Marketing at BaneGaarden,    

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