BaneGaarden has won City's Best Experience 2023! 🏅

Thank you to everyone who voted, and thank you to Berlingske for nominating us! We are very proud, happy and grateful and will do our best to create even more experiences for you.

Our green oasis continues to be an experience mecca, even though the season is about to change! 🍂

This fall, we continue with fun and cozy events including Harvest Market, Ceramics Market, Long Table Dinners, Oktoberfest, Bingo nights, Yoga & Brunch, Afternoon Tea, Christmas Ball and much more!

At BaneGaarden you can also experience the sourdough bakery PERRON,restaurant TICKET, Café LUGEN, the new Væksthus, food stalls, our natural surroundings and the fine old wooden barns.

In other words, a place for all ages, with experiences for everyone!

Follow our event calendar on our website or stay updated on our social media channels 📲

We look forward to giving you even more amazing experiences with the title of City's Best!

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